Zombieverse Twitter Review: A Korean reality show that is completely unscripted opens to mixed reactions

A group of contestants have been intentionally put together in Zombieverse, a reality show which is packed with thrilling twists and chilling highs. Created by Park Jin-kyun and Moon Sang-don, ‘Zombieverse’ has opened to mixed reviews on social media.

Most reviews and comments up on twitter for Zombieverse, a new Korean realityTV show, do not point to anything extraordinary, but here is one from a user who calls himself @btslovesl, tweeting, “Omg I am having a blast watching zombieverse and I am barely on episode 1…” @AbdullahIsmaa, however, gives the game away by faithfully reporting the IMDb.com rating – which is a low 4.9/10.

He says the show is set “In Seoul, where a zombie virus outbreak has run amok; who will outwit the undead in the face of challenging quests and come out alive?”
@itechnosmith replies to this comment, so take his word for it. “A reality competition series ‘ZOMBIEVERSE’ now streaming on OTT… I have watched all episodes of the walking dead, fear the walking dead and all the zombie movies/ series… Trust me I know how to survive. I am PRO, trust me,” he reiterates.
The only thing that may make it worth a watch could be the motley crew who play themselves in this reality series – there is a popular South Korean actress, a rapper, a baseball player, even two YouTube bloggers and Vloggers among others. There are eight episodes in all, each ranging from 40 to 60 minutes. It is an “unscripted show” that presumes that “Seoul has turned into a zombie universe, in which a group of contestants must complete challenging quests to survive,” according to a review in filmzzine. @maui_imau had a tweet for one of the leads: “Park Narae is really the busiest female entertainer in Korea. She’s talented, funny, humble and hardworking. She deserves all the success. I’m rooting for her,” the user writes on twitter.
The reviews on day 1 are rather lukewarm, and suggest that you can give it a miss. The score on IMDb.com stands at a below-average 4.8/10. The reality-horror show hasn’t really taken off and the only critic review up on rottentomatoes is by Romey Norton, who writes, a tad philosophically, “The makeup and acting are scarily real in an almost fascinating way. It then felt a little downhill from there.”

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