What Is Travel Insurance & How You Can Get

What Is Travel Insurance & How You Can Get

What Is Travel Insurance & How You Can Get

What Is Travel Insurance & How You Can Get – In the finance sector, there are many types of Insurance therefore, today we gonna talk about Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance Provides Coverage for the expenses and damage which can be associated with travelling in India or abroad. Travel Insurance also covers the financial losses due to many unseen events like death, theft, loss of luggage, medical problems or emergencies and flight delays etc. which many people normally use to do while planning for a vacation trip.

What Is Travel Insurance & How You Can Get
What Is Travel Insurance & How You Can Get

Types Of Travel Insurances

There are different types of Travel Insurance which people can select according to their requirements and their needs. Here are some of the types of insurance which are given below:

Group Travel Insurance: While on vacation or something else if you have a group of around 20 people or more than that then you can buy a group travel insurance plan. This insurance, also covers the cancellation process, baggage loss or damage, medical evacuation and delay of trips.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: It is a comprehensive plan for people in the age group of 61-70 years to make their travel a pleasant experience. It provides coverage for medical services, healthcare facilities and pre-existing conditions.

Domestic Travel Insurance: If we are travelling anywhere within India, we can easily avail of domestic travel insurance. Under this plan, one gets medical and financial aid for medical emergencies, loss of baggage, delay and cancellation of the trip, etc.

Student Travel Insurance: The student travel insurance plan offers medical and financial aid to students travelling abroad for their education. This plan also covers sudden medical or financial emergencies which can be faced by students in a new country throughout their stay. It can be availed by a student who is already pursuing education abroad or by a student planning to go overseas for studies.

International Travel Insurance: This type of travel insurance is taken while travelling outside India. This is further divided into different types for different regions and countries. For an instant, the travel insurance required for the Middle East would be different from the one needed for travelling to the US or some other country.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria For The Travel Insurance Plan?

Travel Insurance contains eligibility and age limits which will differ from policy to policy. Let us now see what are the criteria for Travel Insurance Plan:

  1. Family travel insurance plan: It covers two adults up to the age of 60 years of age and their two children up to 21 years of age.
  2. Student travel insurance plan: Students between the age of 16 and 40 can buy this plan and are studying abroad for their higher education.
  3. Senior citizen travel insurance plan: This plan is for senior citizens up to 85 years of age.
  4. Schengen travel insurance plan: To be eligible for Schengen travel insurance, adults should be up to the age of 70 years and infants must be older than 90 days.
  5. International travel insurance: It offers coverage for two adults who should be up to the age of 60 and two children up to 21 years.

Claiming Process Of Travel Insurance

  • In case of an emergency during your trip, inform the insurance company by calling or emailing them.
  • To contact them, we have to use the contact details of the insurance company like a toll-free number or the email address mentioned on the policy document.
  • Claims Service Representative will help us to register the claim, and understand the process to file claims and the supporting documents required for that specific coverage.
  • Download the relevant claim form.
  • Submit the duly filled-in claim form and the supporting documents.
  • The documents will be assessed by a surveyor appointed by the insurance company.
  • After an assessment, the company will decide whether to accept or reject the policy.

Exclusions Of Travel Insurance

  • Radioactive injuries
  • Fatal sports injuries
  • Self-induced injuries
  • Claims due to war breakout
  • Medical emergencies caused due to alcohol consumption
  • Claiming treatment other than allopathy

Advantages Of Travel Insurance

Baggage mishandling: It is common for baggage to get misplaced, stolen, or mishandled during flights or travelling. In such a situation, if people have not bought travel insurance, they will lose their money spent on the baggage, along with the valuables stored in the bag.

Trip cancellation: Some weather conditions or technical issues may force you to cancel your trip. As disheartening as it may seem, people will also lose the money they paid for the travel booking and the hotel bookings. But with the help of trip cancellation coverage in travel insurance, people can get their money back.

Medical expenses: When people are travelling abroad or within India, hospital expenses are the last thing they want to spend on. Travel insurance covers the risk of unwanted expenses for cases like injuries, surgeries, and emergency medical evacuation. Depending on the plan we have chosen, we may get a 24/7 care service that will cover our travel expenses to the nearest medical facility.


Travel Insurance is beneficial as these plans help you move ones from various kinds of uncertainty. If you like to buy term insurance with Travel Insurance, choose the best plans which are suitable to you as per your need or requirements. I hope this article will help you to get knowledge regarding Travel Insurance and through this article, you will get to know all terms and conditions of Travel Inurance.

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