Vivek Agnihotri slams fake news about comparisons with Prabhas, says ‘I respect Prabhas who is a mega star’ | Hindi Movie News

A few news reports have been doing the rounds which have quoted Vivek Agnihotri saying that he has won the box office clash with Prabhas. This was with regards to ‘The Kashmir Files‘ doing better than ‘Radhe Shyam‘ at the box office. Both the films had released in March 2022. As these reports were going viral on social media, Vivek has now opened up on this and made his stand quite clear.

Vivek shared the news which has quoted him saying this and he clarified, “Who is spreading such fake news attributing fake quotes to me? I respect Prabhas who is a mega mega star doing mega mega budget films.

We make non-starter, small budget, people’s films. There is no comparison between us. Pl spare me.”

Meanwhile, at the moment, the director is gearing up for the release of ‘The Kashmir Files Unreported‘ on OTT. While ‘The Kashmir Files’ brought forward the untold story of Kashmiri pandits, the ‘Unreported’ version will bring out these real people speaking about what they’ve faced. It shall delve into the historical, ethical and geopolitical details which weren’t shown in ‘The Kashmir Files’.
Vivek is also quite vocal about his opinions and is seen raising his concern over various issues faced by the country. Recently, in an interview with ETimes, the filmmaker spoke about the Manipur incident. He had said, “I’m telling you this I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart, from my conscious, every single day there are reports of humiliation of women, of rapes, of crime against children and women and about the weaker society. But what happens is that we live in an over communicative society. There is so much communication that we are so busy with self validation that we have come to what I call “compassion fatigue”. We have become numb to violence. That’s why, to avoid that violence, we have created filters which we use all the time. When this Manipur video came, so many friends told me that we couldn’t see it beyond 10 seconds, that’s why social media also blurs it. Government has ordered us not to show it and that’s what I hate about these things. We must show it. It should be shown to every single child, everybody soas we know how bad it is. Because of this hypocrisy of social media, we have started covering the truth with filters. People say many damaging things. When you show people what inhumanity is, only then they become more human.”

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