Vijay Deverakonda admits being emotionally hurt by Liger failure: ‘I will continue to experience both flops and hits because…’ | Hindi Movie News

Vijay Deverakonda made his Bollywood debut with the much-hyped Liger, which also featured Ananya Panday in the lead role. However, the movie terribly bombed at the box office amid boycott calls on social media. At the trailer launch of his upcoming Telugu film Kushi opposite Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Vijay shared the kind of impact Liger‘s failure had on him.

“When a film doesn’t perform or work, it does hurt.

I have experienced many flops in the past, and Liger is not the first one,” Vijay expressed his disappointment at the event.
Reflecting on his career, Vijay further said that despite the setback, he also had many hits before. He added that he will continue to experience both hits and flops because ultimately they are trying to tell stories. He said that his ambition is always to pursue something creative and his lifestyle is to wholeheartedly commit to it.
He then acknowledged the emotional impact of a film’s failure and said it does hurt when the results are not as expected but failure doesn’t discourage him. He stated that he is not afraid of failure and he will keep trying again and again even if it hurts because he is not afraid of stumbling.

“I don’t have institutions to guide me, I make my own decisions… What will I do with stars? I would rather have a hit with thumbs-down from critics,” Vijay said.

“Success is failing and still moving forward and correcting the wrong things and doing them right. Life is what happens between them. I had 10 releases, I had 10 moments. I have lived 34 years. Life is not about those 10 moments. Life is what I do between them and long after them,” the actor added.
With Liger, Vijay said, he took a lot of time to come to terms with the fact that he was blind to what was obvious. “I was like how the hell did I not see this going down like this?” he said.
But, the actor said he has learnt his lesson. “I am somebody that speaks my mind. So, earlier, if I thought a film would do well, I never shied away from calling it a blockbuster. But I have decided to shut my mouth for the next three films and let my work speak,” he added.

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