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He made his debut as an actor in Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001). At the time he was 5 years old. Then, in 2018, after he grew up, he made his debut with Genius. Ask Utkarsh if he always wanted to be an actor and he says, “After Gadar, I simply focused on my schooling. I was embarrassed to get all the attention as an actor. After I went to college, I didn’t even tell my classmates that I had acted in a film.”

Interestingly, Utkarsh had only acted in Gadar as a gesture to help his father.

He recollects, “For Gadar, the team was looking to cast a child overnight as they wanted to shoot. My dad (directorAnil Sharma) was having a difficult time finding one and this is when Ameesha Patel asked my father why he doesn’t cast me, as I was the right age too.”
However, when his father turned to him, it was a straight “no” from Utkarsh. He says, “I told him I was not interested in all this. I wanted to play cricket. I didn’t even know what acting was. But when I saw my dad worried, I just agreed to do it. And after this film, it was back to school for me.”

It is only when he did theatre later in his life is when he realised his liking for acting. He shared, “As a teenager, I got a chance to work on stage. It was then that I discovered that I really enjoy doing this. There is a lot that I want to say, but I want to say it through characters and through the life of other people.”

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