UIDAI Aadhar Download Mobile Number Link

UIDAI Aadhar Download Mobile Number Link

UIDAI Aadhar Download Mobile Number Link

In This article, we will tell you about UIDAI Aadhar Download Mobile Number Link. we will tell you how you can Link your mobile number so read this article till the end carefully. Connecting your Aadhaar to your phone number is required to use a variety of Aadhaar-related services. You must use the internet-based Self Service Update Portal (SSUP), mAadhaar App, and more.

UIDAI Aadhar Download Mobile Number Link
UIDAI Aadhar Download Mobile Number Link

Advantages of linking Aadhaar Card to Mobile Phone Number

Here are a few of the key reasons to connect your Aadhaar with a mobile number:

  • To avail of a variety of Aadhaar-related services, you have to connect your Aadhaar card to your mobile number. OTP is sent to the registered mobile number, which must be used for various Aadhaar-related services. This OTP aid in adding extra protection to the Aadhaar. It is not possible to use these services if your number isn’t associated with Aadhaar.
  • To access this online Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) to update your mobile number needs to be linked to your Aadhaar card.
  • It is also necessary to connect your mobile number to your Aadhaar card to use all the services online that require Aadhaar.
  • To access the Aadhaar Card online which is, e-Aadhaar have to supply the OTP to the mobile number that you have registered.
  • The mAadhaar application lets you store your Aadhaar through your mobile phone and also access numerous Aadhaar services from your phone. It is possible to use the mAadhaar app only if your phone number is linked to Aadhaar. For more information on the mAadhaar application,

How to Connect Aadhaar Card to the Mobile number Offline

You can join your Aadhaar card to a mobile number by going to the closest Aadhaar Enrolment/Update center. To add or update your mobile number to your Aadhaar account, you have to follow the steps below

Step 1: Locate the nearest Aadhaar enrolment/update center by clicking on https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx

Step 2: Mention your phone’s number on the Aadhaar enrollment form if you’re a first-time user of the UIDAI ecosystem and want to register your mobile number using an Aadhaar card. Alternately, complete your Aadhaar Correction form in case you’ve changed your current mobile number or you did not have the same number previously.

Step 3. Submit your form. enter your biometrics to authenticate and then make the payment.

Step 4 : You get an acknowledgment from executive

Phase 5: The slip has an Update Request Number (URN) that is used to keep track of the state for the Aadhaar as well as the Aadhaar update

Step 6: You are able to track your status for the Aadhaar calling the toll-free UIDAI number 1947

Step 7: You don’t have to purchase a second Aadhaar Card after you have updated your mobile number to Aadhaar

Step 8: Once you have your phone’s number connected to your Aadhaar card, you’ll begin receiving Aadhaar OTPs to access various services

How to Connect Aadhaar Card to the Mobile number Online

This is a step-by-step procedure to connect your Aadhaar card to mobile number online , without having to visit the Aadhaar Seva Kendra:

  1. Go to this Indian Postal Service website link
  2. Input basic information, such as the name of your address, phone number and email address.
  3. Select ‘ PPB- Aadhaar Service for Service Service on the dropdown menu
  4. Select UIDAI-Mobile/Email for Aadhaar linking or updating
  5. Once you’ve completed the necessary fields and have made the appropriate choices Click on the ” request OTP after you have filled in the necessary fields and made the appropriate selections, click the ‘
  6. The next screen will appear, type in the OTP you received from your mobile phone
  7. Click on ‘ Confirm Service Request’. You will be provided with an ID Number that you can use to keep track of the progress of your application
  8. If the request is accepted, the request will be forwarded to the nearest post office your home.
  9. The verification process is carried out by an officer who is tasked with the Aadhar updating or linking job. The officer will come to your home and conduct the verification procedure using an electronic biometric device on your mobile (For fingerprints, iris, and photos).
  10. He/she will then complete the updating/linking process and bill you to provide the services.
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