UIDAI Aadhar Card Update Status Check Online By Urn Mobile Number

UIDAI Aadhar Card Update Status Check Online By Urn Mobile Number

UIDAI Aadhar Card Update Status Check Online By Urn Mobile Number

In This article, we will tell you about UIDAI Aadhar Card Update Status Check Online By Urn Mobile Number. we will tell you how you can Link your mobile number so read this article till the end carefully. Connecting your Aadhaar to your phone number is required to use a variety of Aadhaar-related services. You must use the internet-based Self Service Update Portal (SSUP), mAadhaar App, and more.

Aadhaar is mandatory to use many services and also to authenticate different documents. To be able to avail of online services related to Aadhaar it is necessary to connect your mobile number to UIDAI which will then send you the OTP to authenticate. If you want to utilize the mAadhaar application the mobile number you use to be registered with Aadhaar. If your registered mobile number in UIDAI was deactivated, or you want to change your mobile number within the Aadhaar card then you must go to an Aadhaar enrollment Centre but You can’t Change / Update your Aadhar Card Without any Phone Number.

UIDAI Aadhar Download Mobile Number Link
UIDAI Aadhar Download Mobile Number Link

Advantages of linking Aadhaar Card to Mobile Phone Number

Here are a few of the key reasons to connect your Aadhaar with a mobile number:

  • To avail of a variety of Aadhaar-related services, you have to connect your Aadhaar card to your mobile number. OTP is sent to the registered mobile number, which must be used for various Aadhaar-related services. This OTP aid in adding extra protection to the Aadhaar. It is not possible to use these services if your number isn’t associated with Aadhaar.
  • To access this online Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) to update your mobile number needs to be linked to your Aadhaar card.
  • It is also necessary to connect your mobile number to your Aadhaar card to use all the services online that require Aadhaar.
  • To access the Aadhaar Card online which is, e-Aadhaar have to supply the OTP to the mobile number that you have registered.
  • The mAadhaar application lets you store your Aadhaar through your mobile phone and also access numerous Aadhaar services from your phone. It is possible to use the mAadhaar app only if your phone number is linked to Aadhaar. For more information on the mAadhaar application,

You’ll need an EID (Enrolment Identification) to verify your Aadhaar Status. The EID appears on the top of your acknowledgment slip. It contains 14 digits of the enrolment number (1234/12345/12345) as well as the 14-digit day and date ((yyyy/mm/dd the format is hh.mm.ss) of enrollment. The 28 digits make up an enrollment ID (EID).

If you lose your EID you can get your lost or lost EID through the mobile number that you registered.

In order to enter your EID Click here. It is necessary to enter EID and Date & Time in your acknowledgment slip.

Click on the “Check Status” button to find out the status.

If you’ve updated your Aadhaar then you must enter the Service Request Number (SRN) for you to determine the status of your Aadhaar Status. SRN is a 28-digit Service Request Number that is generated when you make an application in order to get an Aadhaar Card on our website. It will be generated each time the request will be submitted regardless of whether the transaction is successful or not.

Follow these easy steps

With Registered Number of Mobile

  • Create new SMS. Enter UID STATUS 12341048002615 (14 UED number issued on Acknowledgement card)
  • Send an SMS to 51969
  • The message from UIDAI will provide your current status as well as your Aadhaar number if generated.

With Registered Number of Mobile

  • Visit Nearest Aadhar Center to update your mobile number ad/or register a new mobile number.
  • If you have not registered your mobile number then you can also know the status, send an SMS as Mentioned in the above procedure/ you will get the status of your Aadhar enrollment. Aadhar Number (If generated) Will not be sent the unregistered mobile number.
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