Sushmita Sen reveals she was considered a bad influence in the 90s | Hindi Movie News

Sushmita Sen is back with a new OTT show called ‘Taali‘, wherein her role is inspired from the transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant. While promoting the show, the actress spoke about the 90s when film magazines wouldn’t put her on the cover because of her opinionated statements.
In an interview with Film Companion, Sushmita opened up about being bindass in the 90s.She mentioned that back then the society was closested, so for one to speak what they believe was considered a bad influence and you were not supposed to be spoke about in front of kids and everyone else. Magazines were not willing to cover her and Sushmita stated that she doesn’t blame them as she was very loud and clear.
But Sushmita didn’t let any of these things bother or stop her from expressing herself as she thought if they take away her freedom to express herself, then what freedom does she really have? So instead of being scared from speaking her mind, she learnt to say the same thing in a nicer and better way. The actress also stated that the world is far more accepting of people who speak their mind but there is still that ‘haw’ element as to how one can say something like this but it is not as bad as the 90s.

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