Sushant Divgikr: I’ve got to learn from the kothas and bars and now I get to be a Marvel character, so I’m just raking it all in – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Sushant Divgikr plays Cora in the ‘Marvel Wastelanders: Star Lord’ series on Audible. The audio series also has Saif Ali Khan, Vrajesh Hirjee, Anangsha Biswas among others. It was released last month and is getting some great feedback from listeners.

Sushant had taken inspiration from Alexa for this. “It’s probably one of my more difficult projects that I’ve taken because I had to convey a recorder and my references were Alexa and Siri.

I had to also keep in mind that I had to create a reference point for this character. Because people have never experienced this character in the Marvel Indian universe and as a part of a larger series. It had to be someone who is actually documenting everything happening in the series and to interact with co-stars as Cora, so it was fun,” says Sushant.
Sushant whose drag avatar, Rani KoHEnur is so popular, further added, “If it was easy breezy, I wouldn’t have taken it up in the first place. As artists who are transgender and have less opportunities, if it would have been just basic, I would have waited for another opportunity. But of course, the good news is, we have a transgender representative in the Marvel India universe and that in itself is a very big feat and I do think that it’s the start of something very magical.”
Story telling is an art which lies in Indian culture for ages. Did being a part of Marvel’s storytelling bring back any childhood memories? Sushant recalls, “As Indians, we’ve always had the culture of telling stories. But I come from an Arya Samaj school, where we had all the




in our

dharam shiksha

class. We were told the stories behind every


and not just recited them. So those memories come back to me.”
They further add that such childhood teachings make one inquisitive enough to always ask questions. Sushant expresses, “I keep asking questions even when people do


because it’s important to understand what is being said. Even when people are getting married, they should ask the

pandit ji

what he is saying. Plus my parents have always asked me to ask questions and that has made me into this person who is always, forever intrigued. Of course, there are certain things which I may not understand and that’s great because it’s not the end-all and know-all of everything. We keep learning everyday. I don’t come from a background which even speaks this articulately in English. What my father taught me was, learn at least two words from the dictionary everyday. Get the Hindi translation, synonyms and use them in sentences. This is what I have learnt and I had to learn it by myself because both my parents were working and they didn’t have much time to teach me. I’ve got to learn from the


and the bars and now I get to be a Marvel character so I’m just raking it all in.”

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