Sunny Leone reveals she lost 3 cars to Mumbai rains! | Hindi Movie News

Mumbai rains not only bring happiness to the city by giving respite from the unending heat in the preceding months, but also at times can be a cause of too much pain like traffic jams and flooding. Sunny Leone recently shared her experience with the Mumbai rains.
In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, the actress revealed that when she first moved to Mumbai city for work, she was shocked to see how much it rains.She used to live very close to the sea and back then her walls were leaking and a lot of her things caught moisture. But she added that she still loves the rains, only when she’s indoors.
Sunny also recalled that thanks to monsoons, three of her cars have been destroyed – two of them happened on the same day and one of them was an 8 seater Mercedes truck. She mentioned that she was crying when this happened as when you buy imported cars in India you have to pay an amazing amount of tax on it. But she’s better now, she understands that you can replace materialistic things and is happy that no one was hurt when cars got destroyed. She’s become smarter now, she now has an India made truck that is built for the rains.

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