Social media user calls out Alia Bhatt’s lipstick application ‘lie’; fans defend her saying she ‘wipes it off anyway’ | Hindi Movie News

Alia Bhatt‘s makeup tutorial video has given way to what is now being called ‘lipstickgate’ scandal. After trolling Ranbir Kapoor for being a ‘red flag’ and ‘controlling husband’, social media has now seemingly gone after Alia for allegedly ‘lying’ in her video.
A Reddit user shared a throwback video of the actress applying lip colour in the usual fashion, unlike her claim about finding it ‘more tedious to move the lipstick along my mouth as opposed to moving my mouth along the lipstick’.The clip with shared with the caption, “Why is Alia lying about the way she puts on lipstick lol?”
The question drew all sorts of reactions from Reddit users who alleged that the star was simply trying to be ‘quirky’, while others said she was ‘trying to start a new trend’, but there were those loyal fans who begged to differ.In response to the post, a comment read, “Lol I was thinking this too. She wants to be edgy and quirky.”
Another guessed, “She wants to start a TREND.”
However, her fans quickly entered the discussion and defended the actress saying, “The application is haphazard but doesn’t matter cuz she wipes it off anyway.”
Trolling the actress’ husband, Ranbir for his demand to ‘wipe off’ her lipstick, another took a jibe saying, “I’m guessing Ranbir wasn’t there with her on this trip.”
“Wipe thadddd off! Wipe thaddd off,” said another.
Another fan reasoned, “I think lip crayon would be difficult to apply as per her method, lipstick is usually slanted on top so i am guessing it’s relatively easy to just move lips instead of lipstick itself. Idk, i have never applied lipstick like she said she does.” And another added, “Didn’t she say that it is a way for her to do when after eating or such as it icks her out? I’ve seen her mention it in multiple videos now not only that one .”

Breaking the tension between the two camps, another social media user suggested, “Girl needs to drop her skincare routine” instead of her makeup tutorial videos.
Reacting to the fuss around the ‘lipstickgate’ controversy that has put both Alia and Ranbir in negative light, another wondered, “Ek makeup video se yeh haal hai kal kabhi oscar aagya toh pata nhi kya hoga.”

It’s not been only hate for Alia on social media. The actress who recently made her Hollywood debut in Heart Of Stone, won over the internet for sticking to her ‘Indian accent’ in the film. Many South Asians around the world applauded the fact that the actress didn’t ‘fake an accent’ like most other Bollywood celebrities when they make their International film debuts.

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