‘Slap Akshay Kumar and get Rs 10 lakh,’ Hindu outfit demands ban on OMG 2 for ‘hurting sentiments’ | Hindi Movie News

Akshay Kumar‘s OMG2 may have had a decent start at the box office, but troubles seem far from over for Amit Rai’s satirical drama. In the latest, the film that deals with the subject of sex education in schools, seems to have hurt the sentiments of a section of the society.

The Rashtriya Hindu Parishad has thus announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh to anyone who can slap or spit on Akshay Kumar for his portrayal of Lord Shiva’s messenger in the film.

The reward was announced by theHindu outfit‘s president Govind Parashar, as quoted by The Print.
The organisations activists also burnt Akshay Kumar’s effigies and the film’s posters on Thursday in Agra. Akshay Kumar plays Bholenath’s messenger who is seen standing with dreadlocks to boot, buying kachoris, and taking a bath in the dirty pond in the film. According to Parashar, the film ‘tarnishes the image of the god’.
Demanding a ban on OMG 2, the outfit warned of further protests if their demands are not fulfilled.
Helmed by Amit Rai, OMG 2 has been in the eye of storm ever since the makers unveiled the posters and it had a brush with the CBFC. The censor board gave an ‘A’ certificate to the film and asked for several cuts. On August 1, the CBFC cleared the film with “a few modifications” following which the movie released in theatres yesterday.

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