Simi Garewal says it was easy asking Rekha about Amitabh Bachchan on her show | Hindi Movie News

A clip of Rekha from Simi Garewal‘s show which was shot years ago keeps resurfacing on the internet every now and then. In this particular interview, Simi had asked Rekha if she was in love with Amitabh Bachchan. The actress had responded in her quintessential style, “Absolutely. Duh, that’s a dumb question. I have yet to come across a single man, woman, child who can help but fall completely, passionately, insanely, desperately, hopelessly in love with him.So why should I be singled out? What do I deny? Of course I am. Duniya bhar ka love aap le lijiyega and add some more – I feel that for that person. Bottomline.”

Later, Simi was asked in an interview with Indian Express if it was easy for her to ask Rekha about Big B. She responded, “It was easy asking her the question about Amitabh. If I can ask Jayalalithaa if she had ever loved MGR, asking Rekha about Amitabh was much easier. A lot of people ask me how I got her to open up. I don’t know if I did anything special. I don’t want to analyse it. I just chatted as good friends. Rekha and I go back a long way.”
Rekha and Amitabh have appeared together in moves like ‘Silsila’, ‘Do Anjaane’, ‘Alaap’, ‘Khoon Pasina’, ‘Ganga Ki Saugandh’ and ‘Suhaag’ among more. Meanwhile, there have been many other actors on Simi’s show who’ve opened up about their relationships or shared their views quite frankly. Simi keeps sharing rare clips of these interviews which are loved by fans!

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