Shefali Shah’s sons want her to wear branded clothes since she is an actor, she has the perfect retort: see inside | Hindi Movie News

Trust Shefali Shah to never mince words when it comes to speaking her mind out. The powerhouse performer, who stays away from the glitz and glamour usually lets her work do the talking. Recently, the Dil Dhadakne Do actor penned a lengthy note on her sons trying to get her to wear branded clothes because she is an actor and revealed how she responded to that.

She started off by saying that her family was enjoying a shopping spree and her sons are very fond of it.

She then added that while she enjoys shopping, she does not want to spend much on something that she would rarely use. However, her sons think otherwise and told her that since she is an actor, she should wear branded clothes and keep up an image. Revealing what her sons told her,Shefali wrote, “You are an actor. You are seen and recognized you should wear brands.’ This is one of the conversations I’d replay in my head years later and wish I had given a sharp retort. And Thankgod my wit doesn’t fail me this time, and I have a perfect comeback at this perfect time. (not because I believe it but just coz I want to shut them up. And because all you lovely people, my audience makes me feel so.) I look up at them (not cause they’re taller but cause there’s a defiance when I raise my chin) and say… ‘I AM THE BRAND.”

Shefali recently shared some pics from her son’s graduation ceremony. A part of her lengthy note read, “And here we are today, celebrating one of the most important and proud moments of a parents life, our sunshine boy’s graduation. I don’t know if it means as much to him, as it does to us. But as I saw him clean shaved, looking so handsome and royal in his robe, fiddling with the ill fitting graduation cap, seeming cool as a cucumber like it was no big deal… I realised I was crossing another milestone with him.”

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