Sameer Vidwans: Both Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani delivered beyond expectation for ‘SatyaPrem Ki Katha’ — Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Sameer Vidwans made his directorial debut in Bollywood with Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani starrer ‘SatyaPrem Ki Katha, and the director is on cloud nine after receiving a positive response for the film. Having been able to present a sensitive topic with his film, Vidwans feels that he is blessed to have such a wonderful script for his directorial debut in Bollywood.
The National Award-winning director made his debut with a Marathi film in 2013, and exactly 10 years later, he directed a Hindi film.Sameer explains what took him so long, “I had no plans then to direct a Hindi film as I was busy directing Marathi films and was in search of a good subject. Finally, we got the script for ‘SatyaPrem Ki Katha’, and we started working on it in 2021, before which the scripting work was going on. I was in search of a subject that can be made at a pan-India level, a subject that can reach the maximum number of people and is not restricted to any specific group. When I did ‘Anandi Gopal’ in Marathi, I received a National Award for it, but unfortunately, it was not as well received as expected. The subject ofAnandi Gopal is so strong that it should have reached the masses, but that wasn’t the case. Therefore, I was waiting for another strong topic on which I could present a message to an audience with a larger reach.”
“I love watching comedy, horror, suspense, thrillers, dramas, etc, but ‘SatyaPrem Ki Katha’ has a different, sensitive, and very important subject that plays a significant role in our lives. This subject has a message for everyone. So If I am getting a commercial film with comedy, romance, emotion, and a special message to convey, that is very special for me. It is a blessing that I got such a beautiful script for my directorial debut in Bollywood. I am very happy because, apart from responses on social media and personal messages, people are accepting this story and are watching the film in huge numbers in theatres, which is a big achievement for me. What else should I expect?” he shares.
The director is all praise for his lead actors and also admits that both Kiara Advani and Kartik Aaryan have given extra to the film with their simplicity in acting, which is the reason why people are liking it. Says Vidwans, “When we approached and narrated the script to Kartik, I was able to feel the positive vibe and how down-to-earth he is. He greets us and speaks to us just like a friend. He has a habit of discussing things a lot, so we formed a very quick bond because of his openness and simple nature. He is always ready to work. Even if I make him stand on the sets for a long time, he will be there and will work for those many hours. He keeps on helping people and working with full enthusiasm. He is so dedicated that he literally surrenders to the director. He never brings his stardom while working, and he is always a student when at work. So I never changed my perception of him. Right from the time we met, I always thought that we were going to enjoy working with this guy, and that remained unchanged throughout the film. Even today, that feeling is intact.”
“Kiara is too professional and works with the vision of the director. She tries to understand what the director and writer want to tell through their story, and accordingly, she works towards it. I am blessed that actors who had a sense of the topic of the film were working with me. Therefore, I was able to work on the details of the film. If I had expected 10 from Kiara and Kartik, I would say both of them gave me 11,” Sameer adds.
When asked whether a National Award for Anandi Gopal brought an added sense of responsibility in filmmaking, Sameer explains, “Winning an award is always an added compliment to our work. It’s everyone’s dream to get a National Award. So just because I got one did not make me more responsible. I was responsible for making my films, and thus I got these awards, is what I feel. So I don’t mind if people praise or bash my films because I start from scratch for every new project and try to give my best responsibly.”

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