Saira Banu reminisces the film ‘Sagina’ with Dilip Kumar, says it was one of his spell-binding performances! | Hindi Movie News

Saira Banu treats her and Dilip Kumar’s fans with some new anecdotes about him, ever since she joined Instagram on July 7. Fans wait for her posts every day. Today, the actress has shared some stills and and video from her film with Dilip Kumar titled ‘Sagina‘.
Saira expressed, “Sagina is one of my most loved films. It is based on the true story of the labour movement. Sagina, a factory labourer…is an honest, aggressive and loveable character who was the first to fight against the tyranny of the British bosses in the tea gardens of Northern-Eastern India.Sagina becomes a Welfare Officer and brings about justice.”
She further spoke about the experience of shooting for the film with Kumar. “I was so happy when Sahib and revered Tapan Sinha worked together… they were such good friends and like minded that they brought ease and cordiality while filming “Sagina” in the most relaxed atmosphere at Gayabari where we worked in the outdoors. The first thing that Sahib set up in the garden was a Badminton court for all the team of the shooting to play together in the evenings and then cosily huddle in the house to sing and joke together turn by turn,” added Saira.
The actress shared a video of a scene which is her personal favourite. She further called ‘Sagina’ one of Dilip Kumar’s most spell-binding performances. “Sharing a scene which is my personal favourite… when Sagina who is a robust outgoing man, is sitting in his office absolutely bored and suffocated and then he steps out compelled to breathe the fresh air in the lush outdoors. Then he spots the coming of the train and exuberantly matches speed with the passing train. I think it is one of Sahib’s most spell binding and enthralling performances.”
‘Sagina’ had released in 1974. The film also starred Om Prakash, Kader Khan and Aparna Sen.’

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