Rohit Roy says he had become arrogant and thought he had a midas touch, that cost him big time, he admits his choices were crap | Hindi Movie News

Rohit Roy is largely known for his work on television ever since the 1990s. The actor has also been a part of many movies like ‘Shootout At Lokhandwala‘, ‘Dus Kahaaniyaan‘ among others. However, in a recent interview, Roy has confessed that his choice of movies was really bad. Infact, he had gotten slightly arrogant due to his popularity on television and that worked against him.

Rohit said in an interview with Siddharth Kannan that even though he was doing his work quite sincerely, he became over-confident.

He started believing that he has a Midas touch because he was doing such bad work and yet it was getting good TRPs. Hence he started feeling that people will like anything that he does.
He further added that his choices of films were crap and the kind of people he worked with, the scripts he chose were crap. Rohit was a part of films like Ankhon Mein Tum Ho, ‘Achena Atithi’, ‘Laalchi’ among others. However, Rohit confesses he also refused a lot of work, even though he was getting a duffel bags full of cash. He wanted to do work which he was passionate about and hence he refused many offers eventhough he was getting money in lakhs which was a big deal in the 90s.
At that point, Shekhar Suman had advised him to do pilots which would earn him a lot of money, and make him buy a bungalow. Rohit didn’t take it seriously but now he feels he perhaps should have done pilots. The actor was last seen in ‘Forensic’ on OTT.

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