Rekha’s biography claims she is in a live-in relationship with her secretary Farzana who was the reason behind actress’ late husband’s suicide | Hindi Movie News

There’s no denying that Rekha’s personal life has often courted controversy, especially her love life. Her link-up with Amitabh Bachchan still gets talked about a lot and the evergreen actress of Bollywood never hide her affection towards the megastar from the public. But many might not know that Rekha also shares a mysterious relationship with her female secretary Farzana.

According to her biography Rekha: The Untold Story written by Yaseer Usman, it has been mentioned that the veteran actress is in a live-in relationship with Farzana. She is the only person who has access to Rekha’s bedroom. Even the actress’ domestic help is not allowed inside her bedroom.
The excerpt from the book reads, “Farzana is a perfect partner for Rekha. She is her consultant, her friend, and her supporter, and Rekha simply can’t live without her. In fact, only Rekha’s trusted secretary Farzana — who some have claimed is her lover — is permitted inside her bedroom; not even domestic help are allowed entry.”

The book further claims, “Farzana controls and tightly monitors the comings and goings in Rekha’s life and household. She is a formidable gatekeeper and is said to vet each phone call and choreograph practically every minute of Rekha’s life. Rekha has clothed herself in mystique and secrecy — and it is Farzana who makes it possible for her to have such a hermetic existence.”
The book also claims that Farzana was the reason behind the suicide of Rekha’s late husband, Mukesh Aggarwal, who was a Delhi-based businessman. In 1990, he took his own life when Rekha was away in London. He left a suicide note saying that he did not blame anyone and certainly not Rekha for his tragic end.
After his death, Rekha was labelled as a vamp, a murderess and even a witch. The book also mentions how the entire industry, including veterans like Subhash Ghai and Anupam, had turned against Rekha after the incident.

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