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The OG Tip Tip girl Raveena Tandon loves Mumbai ki baarish. Dressed in a yellow sari, the actress recreates a moment from her iconic number in Mohra for the Bombay Times lens. Talking about her love for monsoon, she shares that, as a kid, she would go to the terrace of her building with her brother and enjoy the rain in their swimsuits.

‘Monsoon is my favourite season’


Raveena says, “Those days were fun. We used to stay in Juhu facing the beach, and our building terrace would get filled with knee-deep water. My brother and I would dive in wearing our swimsuits. Then, we would go to Juhu Beach, build sandcastles and wait for the rainwater to sweep them away. We played lagori and football at the beach.” She adds, “I used to study at Jamnabai Narsee School, and when the low-lying area would get flooded, our parents would come and fetch us, and we could go home early. On weekends, we would travel to Mahabaleshwar and Khandala with our parents. Monsoon has always been my favourite season.”
‘My kids love to get drenched in the rain’


Ask Raveena if she continues to romance the rains even now, and she says, “Anil (Thadani, her husband) is not very fond of long drives or going out during the rains. He loves to sit on the home terrace and enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea.”
Now, even the actress enjoys spending time at home during the rain. “My home is very green. I have chiku, coconut and mango trees in my home, which look beautiful in this season. My kids love to step out and get drenched in the rain. We also do rainwater harvesting at our home,” she shares.
‘I had a fever when I shot for Tip Tip Barsa Paani’


Remind her about the iconic song Tip Tip Barsa Paani track from the film Mohra (1994), and Raveena recalls how she shot the song in chilled water on the sets. “I remember shooting for that song wearing a yellow saree and, on the sets, they used chilled tanker water. I had a fever and had shot for the song despite that. At that time, it was all about how work came first. Also, I was always sure that I would never wear transparent or translucent clothes in my films. And romance in films, I feel, is always about expression than anything else.” Sharing how monsoon songs will never lose their connect with masses, she said, “We make different kinds of films now, but, romantic monsoon songs in films are eternal and will never lose their charm.”
The actress adds, “When it rains, I run away to my farm or a village or go for a trek. Recently, I had gone to Tadoba and the forest looked stunning. The forests and the forts in Maharashtra look stunning in this weather.”

Raveena’s favourite monsoon songs


Rimjhim Gire Sawan (Manzil)


Lagi Aaj Sawan Ki Woh Ghadi (Chandni)

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