Preity Zinta reveals she plays Koi … Mil Gaya’s title track to her twins, Gia and Jai | Hindi Movie News

Koi… Mil Gaya was Hrithik Roshan’s star vehicle and catapulted him to immense stardom, however, the actor was ably supported by Preity Zinta who held on to her own in the movie. Her character Nisha is still remembered with a smile. The film recently completed 20 years and the actress in an interview, revealed that she plays the title song of the film to her twins Gia and Jai.
She revealed that the soothing song calms her kids down and she plays it to put them to sleep. She also added that she sometimes calls her kids Jadoo – the name that was given to the alien in the film.
The actress also recalls the time when she was upset and irritated with Hrithik Roshan on the first day of the shoot. She mentioned that she was irritated, as Hrithik was late on the set and just at the same moment, she felt a tap on her shoulder, only to turn around to see Hrithik in Rohit’s look. He had completely changed himself, it was only then did she realize that Hrithik was on the set all the time, just that she couldn’t recognise him.

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