OMG 2 Full Movie Collection: Akshay Kumar’s ‘OMG 2’ has a fair start at the box office; good reviews to boost film’s growth over Independence Day weekend |

Akshay Kumar‘s ‘OMG 2‘ is off to a fair start at the Indian box office. The film which was mired in controversy ahead of its release, has managed to get a firm footing at the box office, setting itself up to see some good growth over the extended weekend.

According to reports on, Oh My God 2 has had a decent start at multiplexes and managed to hold firm despite the ‘Gadar 2’ wave that has swept over the country.

The high critics’ ratings and the good word of mouth from audiences have reportedly propelled the OMG 2 collections and set it up for a bumper weekend.According to trade experts, had the film avoided a clash, it would have reportedly opened to double digits at the box office. The Sunny Deol film has reportedly drawn in the crowds in mass circuits, but OMG 2 is winning over audiences in big city circuits.
Unlike Gadar 2, OMG 2 is dependent on word of mouth to boost its collections. With audiences taking to social media to rave about the film and its ‘bold’ message, reports suggest that the film will see good growth in the long run.

While Oh My God had very good business in Gujarat, its sequel has been a washout in the state with Gadar 2 dominating the circuit. Although the scales have tipped in Gadar 2’s favour, and OMG 2 is currently at the bottom, their collective total has revived the Indian box office that failed to draw in the masses over the first half.
Overall it will be a great weekend for the film industry and theatres around the country.

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