OMG 2 Full Movie Collection: Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi’s Oh My God 2 earn 9 crores on Day 1 |

Akshay Kumar’s latest offering Oh My God 2 has been very well received by the audience, though the film touches upon a rather sensitive topic. The film revolves around a father played by Pankaj Tripathi who takes a school to court over lack of sex education in their institution and to help him out, Lord Shiv sends one of his messengers in his battle – the role is played by Akshay Kumar and they are up against a legal eagle played by Yami Gautam.

As per, the film earned about Rs 9 crore on the opening day. The film also faced an uphill battle with Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 which has sold over 20 lakh tickets for the first weekend. Though the film opened slow in the morning shows, by the end of night the film had picked up pace and many centers reported housefull shows.
The film has faced a lot of challenges for its release especially from the censor board that asked the makers for about 25 modifications and gave them an ‘ Adults Only’ certificate which made the film inaccessible to the age group of below 18. One of the major changes that makers had to oblige with was that Akshay Kumar can’t play Lord Shiva, so they had to make him a messenger of Lord Shiva to ensure no one’s religious sentiments are hurt.

Talking about the film in an interview Pankaj Tripathi mentioned that it is an entertaining film and by the end of it, it gives a very important message.

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