Nitesh Tiwari says he is hurt by people questioning the intent behind Bawaal: ‘I have faced criticism in all my movies’ | Hindi Movie News

Nitesh Tiwari recently stated that he is hurt by people questioning the intent behind his last film, ‘Bawaal‘. According to him, he has faced criticism in all his movies.

In a new interview, Nitesh said that one can question the creative process, but it hurts him when someone questions the intent of the film. According to him, it puts a question on your credibility, which has taken so many years of hard work to build.

The filmmaker added that he is all for criticism, but it should be a conversation.Reflecting on his career, the filmmaker said that he has faced criticism on all his movies. Even ‘Dangal’. He shared that while some people called it patriarchal, and asked how Aamir Khan’s character could force his opinion on the girls, on Chhichhore, some people called it insensitive.

The director also spoke about the much-talked about

Auschwitz scenes in Bawaal. According to him, there are so many good messages in the movie but people are just taking out two odd scenes and running down the whole film. He shared that it is never his intention to be insensitive in any way. He also pointed out how Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor‘s characters are moved to tears when they see how the prisoners were stacked and exterminated.
The film is currently streaming on an OTT platform.

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