Netizens are surprised that Kareena Kapoor-Saif Ali Khan’s son Taimur speaks in Hindi, as he wants to relish gulab jamun at the airport | Hindi Movie News

More often than not, most star kids are known to talk in English, when they are out and about. However, in a video that recently surfaced, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s older son Taimur is seen having an unlikely request at the airport, that he chose to communicate in Hindi. In the video, while Kareena and Saif are walking ahead, Taimur is seen walking behind, holding his nannny’s hand, while he suddenly spots a shop and says, “Mujhe vo gulab jamun khaane hai” (I want to eat the gulab jamun there).Hearing this, Saif even looked around, but could not spot the shop.

Netizens were quite impressed with the fact that Taimur speaks in Hindi, unlike many other star kids of his age, who they claimed, treat Hindi as an alien language. One user said, “Genuinely curious, I was raised outside of India and only went their for a few months every year so curious. If I can speak Hindi and Punjabi fluently alongside English why can’t the actors and actresses born, raised, living and working in India can’t speak decent Hindi. Actually even SOME of the “average” Delhi and Mumbai can’t speak Hindi.” Another user commented that since Taimur has spent a lot of time around his nannies, he has picked up Hindi.

On the other hand, another set of users were concerned if Taimur got that gulab jamun or not! One user said, “They seem so relatable to ordinary Indian household. The kid asking for whatever he can see around him and that stern stare from parents.” Another wrote, “He is so sweet. Yes please someone give him gulab jamun.”

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