Monsta X’s Kihyun off to join Korean military; pens a heartfelt note to his fans | K-pop Movie News

Monsta X’s Kihyun will join his military duties on August 22. The K-pop star made this announcement to his fans on Twitter with a handwritten letter explaining this to his fans. He is the fourth member of the band to enlist in the compulsory military conscription that all South Korean able-bodied young men have to undergo in their country.

The band’s leader Shownuhad joined the military in 2021 and completed his mandatory service in April this year.

Two more of the six band members –Minhyuk and Joohoney — have also joined the military this year. Kihyun will be the fourth to enlist. The group was formed in 2015.
Kihyun told his fans that this was inevitable and expected, but nevertheless, he asked for their support and understanding and added that he was relieved he would finally be able to perform his duties for his country with cheers from his fans.
The letter in his native Korean language requested fans to remember them in their hearts and not to leave them. He also added that while he was away, fans should continue to look after themselves by eating well and staying healthy. “You can do this” he said to his fans with encouragement. He concluded his letter with expressions of endearments that implied, ‘I love you’ and ‘bye-bye’.

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