Luv Sinha says his father Shatrughan Sinha helped many people in the industry, but nobody gave work to his son | Hindi Movie News

Shatrughan Sinha‘s son Luv Sinha made his debut with ‘Sadiyaan’ in 2010. But he’s not been able to make a mark in the industry like his father or sister Sonakshi Sinha. Luv is recently seen in ‘Gadar 2‘ and getting a lot of appreciation now. In a recently interview Luv has opened up about his journey and his father. Luv revealed that his father Shatrughan has helped many big people in the industry.

He said in an interview with Siddharth Kanan that his father recognises fake people but he still gives the other person a benefit of doubt.

He shall give them chances despite knowing that the other person is doing wrong. That’s how selfless he has been. He further added that there are many big people within the industry who he has helped but they didn’t give any work to Luv. He recalled that someone who is close to their family, could have given him work since he had seen his acting at a workshop and talked to his acting teacher. Yet, he didn’t give him work.
The actor said that there are many actors who gave flops and got more chances, but Luv wasn’t given another chance. The actor also spoke about his sister Sonakshi and said that Sonakshi can’t realise who is fake and who’s real. She’s oblivious to the intentions of people and hence he has to keep an eye on the kind of people she meets.
Sonakshi also has another brother Kussh Sinha. Luv and Kussh are twins.

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