Love on Tour by Harry Styles concludes with astronomical worldwide figures of $617.3 million | English Movie News

Harry Styles is definitely on a massive roll with his Love on Tour culminating on July 22nd this year. And final reports suggest that the tour scored a massive revenue. The two year tour has reportedly ended with a whopping $617.3 million gross for Harry Styles and team, which has even eclipsed the entirety of One Direction’s gross figures during the years they toured from 2012 to 2015.

This particular Harry Styles tour began with a blast in September 2021, thus making it one of the first arena headliners in the post pandemic era, which gradually switched to sold out stadiums.

Almost two years later, which involved traversing as much as five continents, the grand music tour finally ended with its penultimate show atReggio Emilia, Italy christening it as one of the best selling and highest grossing tours ever in the history of live concerts.
According to figures shared with Billboard Boxscore, Love on Tour has sold over 5 million tickets and is the fifth highest grossing tour ever, surpassed only by Elton John’s Farwell Yellow Brick Road Tour, Ed Sheeran’s The Divide Tour, U2’s 360 Tour and Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres tour which has a very narrow lead.
In Australia alone, his per-show attendance quintupled from 10,407 to 53,295. As per estimates, his average gross multiplied by seven, increasing from $971,000 to $6.8 million. In his career total, Harry Styles has grossed $681 million and sold 5.8 million tickets.

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