Lizzo hires top Hollywood attorney who defended Bill Cosby, Ricky Martin, Kim Kardashian, Johnny Depp as she gears up for sexual harassment lawsuit | English Movie News

Lizzo is ready to take on the allegations of creating a hostile work environment, and sexual harassment, among other claims levied against her by former dancers. According to reports, as she gets ready to take the matter to court, she has hired top Hollywood defence attorney Marty Singer.

Over the years, Marty has defended several big names including Bill Cosby, Charlie Sheen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kim Kardashian, Jonah Hill, Bruce Willis and Tristan Thompson.

The attorney hit headlines when he got a $2 million lawsuit against John Travolta dismissed. He also helped clear Jim Carrey in a lawsuit accusing the comedian of providing illegal drugs to his late girlfriend Cathriona White.

His most recent work includes clearing Ricky Martin in a short-lived lawsuit claiming he engaged in an incestual relationship with his 21-year-old nephew. All charges of harassment and psychological abuse were later dropped.
Singer on Thursday, in a statement to TMZ, discredited the claims of one plaintiff in the lawsuit.
The statement came after the singer on Thursday hit back at allegations that she weight-shamed her staff, and called the accusations levelled by former dancers “as unbelievable as they sound.”
Three of the pop star’s former dancers filed the suit in Los Angeles, with accusations of labour law violations including descriptions of what their lawyers deem shaming and sexual harassment. One of the allegations centres around an Amsterdam red-light district sex show which the dancers say they felt pressured to attend. At the show Lizzo pressured her dancers to interact with the nude performers, the suit alleges.
It also alleges that Lizzo’s dance leader, Shirlene Quigley, frequently made sexual comments and proselytized her Christian beliefs, especially against pre-marital sex, “regardless of protestations.”

“Usually I choose not to respond to false allegations but these are as unbelievable as they sound and too outrageous to not be addressed,” Lizzo posted on social media.
“These sensationalized stories are coming from former employees who have already publicly admitted that they were told their behaviour on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional.”
Lizzo also explicitly denied the weight-shaming allegations saying, “There is nothing I take more seriously than the respect we deserve as women in the world. I know what it feels like to be body shamed on a daily basis and would absolutely never criticize or terminate an employee because of their weight.”
“I’m hurt but I will not let the good work I’ve done in the world be overshadowed by this. I want to thank everyone who has reached out in support to lift me up during this difficult time.”

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