Lisa Ray REACTS to ‘insensitive’ line on Auschwitz in ‘Bawaal’

Nitesh Tiwari’s ‘Bawaal‘ starring Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor got released on the OTT platform on July 21 and is getting mixed reviews.

Now, actress Lisa Ray recently expressed her opinion on a viral dialogue from the film that equates Auschwitz with a relationship.
Speaking about the film’s dialogue, film critic Raja Sen tweeted, “Apparently, there is a line in #Bawaal where Jahnvi Kapoor says “Har rishta apne-apne Auschwitz se guzarta hai…” That’s all, folks.”

Reacting to it, Lisa Ray expressed her disapproval of the context of the line. Her reaction simply read, “Noooooooo”.
Talking about the film, director Nitesh had previously shared, “It’s a layered piece and a contemporary relationship film. In the world that we live in, negativity spreads faster today. I wanted positivity to stand a chance. Bawaal is about love versus hatred, empathy against indifference and fake versus real. There are characters in the film fighting an internal war. How does that get juxtaposed to World War 2, is what the film is all about.”

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