Kangana Ranaut comes to Sunny Deol’s defense over viral selfie video, says, “any one such incidence can never be an indication of one’s behaviour” | Hindi Movie News

Sunny Deol, currently basking in the success of his magnum opus Gadar 2 is also in the news for a wrong reason. A viral video circulating these days shows him losing his temper with a fan who tried to click a selfie with him at the airport. The video was widely shared and while Sunny was trolled by some, other jumped to his defense saying even movie stars have a right to privacy.

Those siding with Sunny included Kangana Ranaut, who commented on the video.

She said, “any one such incidence in isolation can never be an indication of one’s intentions or behaviour, and selfie culture is horrible, people come very close to us we get subjected to all kinds of virals and viruses, love has many languages selfies and hugs are not the only ones.”
Many users agreed with her. One netizen wrote, “you are right. It must be hard and annoying to have people encroaching on personal space all the time. It can’t be easy to be on the radar of hundreds of eyes all the time on an outing. Life has ups and downs, and it is not possible to always be in a happy mood.”

Another one added, “I agree with you. Leave aside celebrities, even children are not ready to be clicked all the time. So one must always judge the situation, mood and click only when other person is comfortable. In this case maybe Sunny was rushing for his flight, so I wouldn’t judge him.” One more comment, “I agree!! Even actors have the right to privacy. It can sometimes get very overwhelming.”

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