Kajol reveals how Nysa reacted when she told her, ‘I pray that you have a daughter like yourself’ | Hindi Movie News

Kajol and her daughter Nysa Devgn often break the internet with their stunning pictures together. They share a great equation with each other. She recently talked about how life has come full circle while recalling what her mother Tanuja used to tell her when she used to throw tantrums and won’t listen to her mother.
In her recent interview, Kajol told Instant Bollywood that her mother Tanuja was one of those who used to say, ‘I really hope and pray that you have a daughter like yourself.’ And Kajol told her daughter Nysa the same thing.
“One day I told her, ‘I really hope and pray that you have a daughter like yourself.’ And my daughter’s answer to this was, ‘No, I’m having sons because I don’t think I can handle a daughter like me.’ And I was like, ‘Well, now you know Nysa, now you know,'” Kajol revealed.A few days ago, Kajol had talked about how Nysa has become better at handling media attention with grace and dignity and she has learnt that with experience. She also said that if she was in her daughter’s place, ‘toh mera chappal bahut pehle nikal chuka hota (I wouldn’t have handled it with such patience).’
Nysa is currently pursuing her higher education in Switzerland after completing her school at Singapore’s Glion Institute of Higher Education. While she is often spotted attending fashion events and parties, it is unclear whether she wants to join the film industry just like her parents.

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