Janhvi Kapoor gets surprised by paparazzi; exclaims, ‘Dara diya aapne!’ – watch video | Hindi Movie News

Earlier today, Janhvi Kapoor was getting out of her car dressed casually in a baggy grey t-shirt, black shorts and slippers, with her hair tied up in a bun on the top of her head when she was taken aback by paparazzi who called out her name and began photographing her. She instinctively blurted out, “

Dara diya aapne

”, then took barely a second to regain her composure even as the shutterbugs apologised.

She got out of the car, glanced back at the paparazzi with what seemed a charming and forgiving smile and then waved them a quick goodbye. With that, she disappeared into the building. Her short interaction with photographers was captured on video and is already up on Instagram and is going viral.

Janhvi recently debuted in the OTT film, Bawaal with Varun Dhawan where the couple was seen touring Europe in the backdrop of several locations made famous by WW II. In one dream sequence shot in the gas chamber in Auschwitz, the couple is shown struggling to breathe and later, Janhvi says philosophically that every relationship goes through their own Auschwitz, a remark that has made the Israeli embassy in New Delhi issue a statement condemning the trivialisation of the Holocaust in the film.
Janhvi is now awaiting the release of her Telugu film, Devara, in which she will be seen acting with Jr NTR.

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