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Ishaan Khatter, who debuted with Majid Majidi’s ‘Beyond the Clouds’ and later acted in ‘Dhadak’, knows how to strike a balance between Indie productions and big-ticket films. And now, the actor is exploring the international circuit with ‘The Perfect Couple’, which stars Nicole Kidman and Liev Schreiber.

His journey over the past six years has been an interesting one.

So, has his elder brotherShahid Kapoor influenced him as an actor? He replies, “He’s been a big influence, but at the same time, not. In fact, he has always encouraged me to grow independently as an individual. As an artiste, he has paved the way with such strong choices and learnt so much over the years, yet it feels like he is only getting started. We are all very proud of him and I’ll always look forward to everything he does as an actor or otherwise.”
Given the passion the brothers have for cinema, is there a possibility of them sharing the same frame in a film together, we ask. “Manifest it for us,” he answers with a smile.
Ishaan feels that his mother, actress, and Kathak danseuse Neelima Azim’s artistic pursuits had an impact on him. He shares, “I have always been grateful that I grew up in a very modest setup. The values I was taught were more important than chasing just material success. Of course, it is important to be financially secure, but what’s even more important is becoming a well-rounded human being. I think arts and culture served as a catalyst for that transition. I understood human nature and many other things about life because of my early exposure to cinema and music. It served as an outlet and also educated me about various things. Being exposed to various art forms and different kinds of people, thoughts, ideas, and conversations has hopefully made me a less ignorant human being. I have always been grateful for that because it has made me who I am. That’s why I think I am so passionate about these things. That’s what makes me want to give everything to it.”

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