Harley Quinn Season 4 starts streaming; Twitter spots similarities with Barbie

Fans of Harley Quinn are going nuts and are busy posting clips on Twitter comparing the bad girl of Gotham City to our over-sweet Barbie! The first three episodes of the brand-new Season 4 are up and critics have given it a whopping 100 per cent on the tomatometer. Sample this review by Josh Bell of CBR who writes that the new season “continues to deliver rewarding character development, clever world-building, and an appealing cast of offbeat heroes and villains, along with plenty of naughty humor.”

The series focuses on the newly single Harley Quinn, who sets off to make it on her own in Gotham City.

Previous seasons of the show have been rated 8.5/10 on IMDb.com and by all accounts, it definitely seems worth a watch.
Last week, videos on TikTok pointing out similarities between Barbie and Harley Quinn gained countless views. @picsofrobbie tweeted, “this video with references to margot Robbie like #barbie and Harley quinn was quite amazing.” The clip had half a million views on Twitter alone.
There were several others such as those from @allurequinn and @Flying_Pugz in the same vein, all harping on the good and evil that’s about to get all tangled up together.
“Harley Quinn is more popular and marketable than The Flash,” writes another fan who goes by the name of @GPUltimax.
Since it has just dropped on OTT, the reviews are still coming in, but critics, especially those who have a penchant for a wicked sense of humour, have loved it. EJ Moreno of Flickering Myth wrote while watching “DC Comics’ greatest love story unfold in the wildest world imaginable”. It’s a “twisted delight,” he wrote.
Begin watching today. The consensus is that it is “one of the funniest things on television for the past four years” — a view held by Samantha Nelson of IGN Movies.

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