Girls’ Generation’s Sunny confirms separation from SM Entertainment: Want to see myself in a different light, new environment

Girls’ Generation member Sunny announced her departure from SM Entertainment after an association that lasted 16 years. After celebrating the 16th debut anniversary of their group, the popular singer penned a lengthy Instagram post, revealing her decision to separate.

The note written in Korean roughly translates as, “I am writing because I have a story I want to convey along with my thanks for the 16th anniversary of SNSD’s debut.

Precious members like myself, my loving family, the staff who silently stayed by my side, and the fans who gave me strength just by being there. Today, I would like to express my gratitude and greetings to SM Entertainment, which helped 19-year-oldLee Soon-gyu to debut as SNSD’s Sunny. I would like to thank the managers who worked hard together during the 16 years of entertainment activities, and all the staff who helped me to give positive energy to many people through various stages and contents with good music and good looks. Debuting as “Girls’ Generation” and meeting the members and “Sowon” every day makes me happy beyond measure.”
Speaking about her decision, she further added, “Now I muster up the courage to see myself in a different light in a new environment. It is thanks to the interest and affection of the fans who have been unchanging for a long time and the people who are grateful. No matter what kind of days come, we will continue to move forward with a sunny look. I will become a Sunny who shares good news in the future. thank you.”

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