Gadar 2 villain Manish Wadhwa recalls Sunny Deol crushing his head and choking him with his upper arms in the climax scene: He asked, ‘Lagi to nahi?’ | Hindi Movie News

Gadar 2 has been smashing box office records like never before. The movie has created a mass hysteria and it has managed to cross Rs 300 crore in just 8 days of its release. While fans are going gaga in cinema halls, Manish Wadhwa, who played the role of Pakistani Major General Hamid Iqbal, recently opened up about shooting for climax scene with Sunny Deol.
In the scene, Tara Singh can be seen crushing Hamid’s head between his upper arms and choking him while roaring in front of Pakistani Army officials.
Recalling the scene, Manish told Bollywood Thikana the moment the director said cut, Sunny walked up to him, adjusted his collar and asked, ‘Lagi to nahi?’ “This is his care, that you didn’t get hurt in any way. He is amazing,” he added.He then praised Sunny and said that the actor doesn’t just look at himself but looks at the entire film and never forces his thoughts on others. “He asks very sweetly, ‘what if we do it like this?’ and at the same time, he cares for you a lot,” Manish added.
Set in 1971, Gadar 2 follows Tara Singh (Deol)’s journey to Pakistan to rescue his son, Charanjeet Singh, played by Utkarsh Sharma, from the Pakistani Army. The original film was set during the Partition.

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