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Kajol is known to be her truest self and cares little about what the world thinks of her personality or candour. From confessing to shopping for cheap stuff online to investing in FDs like the common man, Kajol has been brutally honest about herself in the past. Recently, the actress refused to hide her emotions during a candid chat with bestie Karan Johar and her ‘expressions’ were trashed by netizens.

One would have thought that people would laud her for being the complete opposite of phoney, after all, through her demeanour, Kajol was anything but blunt. Unfortunately, her unapologetic candidness turned out to be a bit too much for the internet to digest. ETimes criticizes all troll behaviour towards unsuspecting celebrities who are for most part, just minding their own business, unaware of the controversy that the trolls are stirring. Take a look at some of the jabs Kajol faced and our response to the same.
“Kajol’s expressions are horror movie worthy. She needs to calm the farm.”


It’s a pity no one taught you the difference between ‘honesty’ and ‘horror’. Next time when you have an animated conversation with your bestie, make sure to record your own excitement and expressions and then re-think about your judgement towards Kajol.
“Stop over acting please.. bus ye pata chal jaaye ke camera hae saamne.. best friends only need to understand the mild expressions while chatting not like this full blown face yoga.”


If only she knew that a camera was recording her quirky emotions, Kajol would have composed herself, smiled and maintained a calm stance. Exactly what overrated fans expect from her. Yet, here we are. Explaining another troll the value of their worthless appraisal.
“Why she is acting like mentally retarted”


Do you realise that you are mocking intellectually-disabled people with this comment? All for your aim to troll Kajol? Show some respect for those with learning disabilities and think twice before spewing hate on the internet.

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