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Kiara Advani was showered with love for portraying a faithful lover to a brave soldier in ‘Shershaah’, but as soon as she tried to showcase her patriotic side in real life, the tables were turned by desperate trolls. The actress recently mingled with BSF soldiers at the Wagah border ahead of the 76th Independence Day and her video from the outing was bashed by jobless netizens.

ETimes condemns such unacceptable hate towards a celebrity.

Take a look at some of the jabs Kiara faced and our response to the same:
“She laterally mishandled the pride of our nation. The person who even doesnt know how to hold our pride properly, went for flag hosting laterally? Try not to do everything for social media. Her intentions was how to get a cool pic with our flag, for a second keep the camera aside phto click krna chodo thoda desh ko respect do, sabkuch ko public stunt mat banao. C’mon kiara it was unexpected from u”


It is so easy for you to assume Kiara’s intentions from just one video. Instead of such hateful assumptions, why not consider a positive situation? Kiara could well be struggling to carry the weight of the heavy flag and looks stressed because of it, rather than being bothered about the pictures.
“These people work out at gym but can’t she hold our Flag properly. Act in one movie and they get so much importance.”


The gym doesn’t prepare you for the curveballs that life throws at you, case in point being Kiara landing in an uncomfortable situation with an oversized flag. You have to agree, she is attempting to proudly wave it, too. If you pay slight attention to the video then you will notice her carefully taking notes on how to manage the pride of the country. So stop jumping to conclusions.
“Ab publicly k liye yeh ek baaki tha Siddharth Malhotra kahi nazar nahi aaraha woh kaha hai”


Why does Sidharth Malhotra have to be around Kiara all the time? Besides wouldn’t you bash them both for hogging publicity if they made an appearance at a joint event? Instead of looking for fodder to troll someone, kindly cut the celebrity some slack and cheer her for her patriotic attempt.

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