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Esha Deol often shares sweet throwback pictures with her dad Dharmendraon social media. The actress, who recently returned to acting with two web series – ‘Rudra’ and ‘Hunter: Tootega Nahin Todega’ – has often said that she and her father are alike in temperament. “We are quite attached and share almost everything. Our choices are quite similar. He understands me without me saying much.I get very emotional when it comes to him and am extremely possessive of him,” she shared in a recent interview with BT, adding, “On a lighter note, I am his professional online shopper. He loves online shopping, and I do that for him.”
Interestingly, if Esha faced resistance to her decision to join Bollywood, it was from her father. She reasoned, “It comes from him being an orthodox Punjabi male; they are known to be very protective of the women in their families. This is sort of a way of showing how protective he is and nothing else. Time takes its own course, and everything falls into place eventually.”

Esha with her father Dharmendra

Esha with her father Dharmendra

The actress credits her decision to start working at the age of 18 and becoming financially independent to the woman power in her family. She shared, “I grew up in a household filled with a lot of women power — from my grandmother, aunt, cousins, and mom. A lot of women around us are very strong-headed and work-oriented. That’s the atmosphere I grew up in, so, automatically the fact that at 18, I chose to start working and being financially independent comes a lot from there,” she shared.
Esha wants to continue the tradition and has resolved not to interfere in the choices her children make in the future. “I won’t interfere in the decisions my children make in terms of their professional choices but only encourage them and be a strong pillar of support for them. The way my grandmother was with my mother,” she concluded.

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