Did you know Hema Malini was rejected for her debut Tamil film because the filmmaker felt she was not ‘good enough’? | Hindi Movie News

Actress Hema Malini is, was, and will always be the original dream girl. Right from her debut film ‘Sapno Ka Saudagar’ to date, she has been one of the most loved faces on the big screens. However, did you know that Hema Malini was supposed to make her acting debut in a Tamil film, even her name was changed to ‘Sujata’ but she was eventually dropped off the film by the filmmaker who didn’t find her ‘good enough’.
Recently, in an interaction with Lehren Retro, the veteran star mentioned that she was signed by Tamil filmmaker CV Sridhar for a film that was also supposed to star Jayalalithaa. She was spotted by Sridhar in Chennai during one of her dance shows. He signed her by talking to her mother and the actress agreed reluctantly.
She shot for four days, but then she was rejected, and she said it was a big jolt for her. However, she said it was good that it happened, as then she took it as a challenge. She thought about how could someone reject her and made it a life goal to work harder and give her best.
Soon after this incident, in 1968, she made her debut with ‘Sapno Ka Saudagar.’
The actress said she doesn’t hold any grudges as she believes in ‘forgive and forget’.
She even worked with the filmmaker in the 1973 film ‘Gehri Chaal’, and never spoke about her past experience. She now only recalls him being extremely nice to him.
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