Did Subash Ghai just announce Khal Nayak 2? Here is what the filmmaker said | Hindi Movie News

Subhash Ghai was once known as the showman of the industry, because of his ability to turn every story of his into a larger than life big screen spectacle, be it Meri Jung, Saudagar, Ram Lakhan or Khal Nayak. His magnum opus Khal Nayak recently completed 30 years of release and for many years, there has been talk about how the film should get a sequel and now it seems the director has finally made his decision.
The veteran filmmaker recently took to Twitter to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the film and said, “If #media is so energetic N talking about our #KHALNAYAK n new gen still connecting with #BALLU BALRAM -Sanjay Dutt n keep insisting us @muktaartsltd to make a sequel to it. There is no reason why we should not go ahead with making #KHALNAYAK 2 with double energies ? ”
The film had Sanjay Dutt playing Ballu- the Khal Nayak of the film, with Jackie Shroff and Madhuri Dixit playing the lead romantic couple.The film was a modern telling of the age old tale of Ramayana. The movie created unprecedented buzz thanks to ‘ Choli Ke Peeche’ song controversy and Sanjay Dutt’s arrest after the 1993 bomb blast. Incidentally, the actor was arrested the same day the filmmaker shot the scene where his character is sent to jail.

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