Cillian Murphy is game to play Ken in Barbie sequel: Let’s read the script and have a conversation’ | English Movie News

Barbie and Oppenheimer have been holding centerstage ever since their release in theatres across the world on July 21. The two films are as different as chalk from cheese, but nevertheless, ‘Barbenheimer’ has been trending worldwide ever since.

Cillian Murphy, who has been garnering rave reviews for his portrayal of physicist J Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the atomic bomb, was recently asked if he would be open to playing Barbie’s boyfriend Ken, essayed by Ryan Gosling in the movie, in a sequelto the film.

The acclaimed actor sportingly told Cinefilos, “Sure, yeah. Let’s read thescript and let’s have a conversation.” He also added that he is impatient to see the film and thinks it is “great for cinema” to have two iconic films running in theatres in the same week.
The films have gone down well with fans and are performing exceedingly well at the box office. In India, Oppenheimer is doing better than Barbie, but the story is the opposite in American theatres, where Barbie is reportedly faring better. Reviews for both films have been extraordinary and both are on viewers’ must-watch list.

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