Celina Jaitly is unable to eat and sleep after watching the Manipur videos, urges Government to take stringent action | Hindi Movie News

Two women from Manipur were striped naked and paraded on the road by a large group of men. The video of this heinous crime went viral on the internet, months after this happened. This incident has left everyone appalled. Many industry celebs took to their social media yesterday and raised their voice against it – right from Akshay Kumar to Richa Chadha. Celina Jaitlyis also in deep pain because of it.The actress expressed that she’s unable to eat and sleep.
Celina wrote, “I am unable to sleep or eat since I saw the Manipur violence videos few hours ago. Shaking with anger, pain and anger again. Violence is violence… Ethnic, non ethnic, whatever the reason violence is violence and violence against women isn’t cultural, it’s criminal.”
The actress further urged the Government and has shown faith in them to take action. She added, “Protection of women and children should be utmost priority of authorities. To see this heinous, barbaric crime against women has shaken me to the core, I urge the government and I have faith in the government that they take such stringent action that no one dares even in their wildest dreams to think of ever attempting anything like this ever again!!! Manipur burning… Manipur crisis.”

Netizens came out in support of Celina and some even were in rage. One user said, “Faith? This happened 77days ago.” Another one commented, “I feel you @CelinaJaitly I was shaken to the core myself when I came across this barbaric, inhuman video. My heart cries and I feel sad to see what is becoming of my home country.”
This incident has left the entire country in a state of shock and further raises concern over women’s safety here.
Meanwhile, Celina also opened up on some very personal pain that she has gone through. The actress had lost her baby five years ago who had a premature birth. She expressed, “It took me 5 years to come to terms with this episode of our lives but I have finally summoned the courage to talk about my ordeal to help many parents who reach out to @peterhaag & I as they deal with the trauma of preterm birth and loss of a baby. Peter n I want such parents to know that they can get through this. In personal experience we both can vouch that your Preemie baby is a true survivor. #preemies show us the power of faith & prayer and the fight of the human spirit. Remember that most #prematurebabies survive and live completely normal, healthy lives.”

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