Celina Jaitly conducts an AMA session, opens up on having a rare genetic condition that caused her to have twins twice | Hindi Movie News

Earlier today, former actor Celina Jaitly took to her IG handle to conduct an AMA session, where she was asked how come she conceived twins during both her pregnancies. Posting a couple of pics from her pregnancy days, Celina wrote, “Today I have been doing an “Ask me anything session” with my dearest Instagram community and this question from the_vishu.akash_sood was interesting and I thought many of you would like to know about this.

He asks: Are you having twin babies through IVFor naturally.

Your second pregnancy also Twin. That’s why..”

To this, Celina replied, “So … I have a rare genetic condition and in my case Non-identical (fraternal) twins or multiples tend to be hereditary. Some people inherit a gene that causes more than one egg to be released during ovulation, increasing the likelihood of multiples being conceived. This can make for lots of twins down the generations!”

Celina tied the knot with businessman Peter Haag in 2011 and gave birth to the first set of baby boy twins

Viraaj and Winston in 2012. She gave birth to a second set of twin boys in 2017, however, the couple lost baby Shamsher due to a heart condition. The couple’s other twin Arthur, born pre-term, is now hale and healthy.

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