Billie Eilish wins the audience at Lollapalooza festival with her heartfelt rendition of What Was I Made For ballad from Barbie | English Movie News

At the annual Lollapalooza four-day festival that began yesterday in Chicago, Billie Eilish sang her heartfelt ballad, What Was I Made For from the soundtrack of the film, Barbie. The song with its meaningful lyrics made the audience overly emotional and left them visibly moved.

As is typical of Eilish, she was dressed differently and this time around, made her presence felt in her Michael JordanChicago Bulls black jersey that she had teamed up with a pair of white basketball shorts.

A red baseball cap rested on her knee as she sat on a raised platform on the stage. The crowd sang along with her when she prompted them to do so. She told them, “You know it, right…” and that is the cue they needed to join her.
She looked wide-eyed and sad and the crowd swayed along as they sang with her, simultaneously cheering her for her soulful rendering of the song and the beautiful lyrics. In the backdrop, the screen showed her in the ballad’s music video dressed in a pretty frock and opening a box of Barbie doll clothes.
The melancholic song that is sung by Barbie in the film suits what she feels in the real world. The melodic ballad moved everyone – Billie and her audience — to tears. The heartfelt lyrics were sung to the accompaniment of simple piano chords and is a joint collaboration for Eilish with her brother Finneas.

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