‘Bholaa Shankar’ pre-release event: Chiranjeevi acknowledges fans as the foundation of his success | Telugu Movie News

The pre-release event of the much-anticipated movie ‘Bholaa Shankar,’ featuring the legendary Megastar Chiranjeevi, was nothing short of grandeur and emotional depth. The event, held on a Sunday night, saw a gathering of fervent fans, fellow actors, and industry stalwarts, all coming together to celebrate the cinematic journey of the iconic star. However, the true highlight of the evening was Chiranjeevi’s heartfelt speech that touched upon his career, the audience’s unwavering love, and the promising future of the Telugu film industry.

Chiranjeevi often referred to as the “Megastar” by his adoring fans, took the stage with his signature charisma and humility.

He began his speech by acknowledging the incredible bond he shares with his fans, a relationship that has spanned decades. With deep gratitude, he expressed his recognition of the pivotal role his audience has played in his journey, stating, “No matter what I do, I will make sure that my fans are proud. I have come to this level as your elder brother by taking so many steps.”
The Megastar’s humility shone through as he marveled at the presence of young girls and children at the event, acknowledging the role their parents played in instilling a love for him in them. He thanked these young attendees and urged them to stay safe while returning home.
Chiranjeevi’s speech further delved into his artistic choices, explaining that his decisions to act in certain roles or films were guided by personal preference and the belief that the audience would resonate with his choices. He addressed the question of remakes, asserting that his intention was to offer engaging and impactful stories to the audience. He cited the example of ‘Bholaa Shankar,’ explaining that he took on the role because he was drawn to it, and he believed his fans would appreciate the film’s narrative.
In a touching tribute to the newcomers and emerging talents in the industry, Chiranjeevi emphasized the importance of fostering new blood and fresh perspectives. He shared his commitment to supporting young talents and creating opportunities for them to shine. “If old blood is removed, new blood will come… The industry will remain active and vibrant,” he affirmed.
Reflecting on his own journey, Chiranjeevi shared anecdotes from his early days in the industry, highlighting the challenges and rejections he faced. He emphasized the role of the audience in propelling him forward and expressed his eternal gratitude. “The audience is the first for me. That’s why no matter what scene I do, how the audience reacts is yours… It is the audience that has given me this position,” he declared.

The heartfelt speech also featured a touching tribute to his co-star Keerthy Suresh, whose talent and grace Chiranjeevi praised. Their on-screen chemistry was described as a boat ride on a river, symbolizing the seamless rapport they shared while working together. Chiranjeevi’s admiration for Keerthy’s acting prowess and genuine smile was palpable, and he fondly remembered their shared moments during the filming.

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