Because of hypocrisy on social media, we have started covering the truth with filters: Vivek Agnihotri – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Vivek Agnihotri who is known to be brutally unfiltered with his opinions is all set to drop yet another explosive with Kashmir Files Unreported that’s soon to stream on Zee5. While his film Kashmir Files created a huge storm in the country with its explosive narrative depicting the harsh reality of kashmiri pundits, Vivek has ever since been extremely vocal about his view point over the nation’s socio-political issues. With the recent Manipur incident that had the nation outraged, we asked Vivek Agnihotri what his stand point is on something so misfortunate and this is what hen had to say:

“It’s really pathetic. This I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart, from my conscious, every single day there are reports of humiliation of women, of rapes, of crime against children and women and about the weaker society. But what happens is that we live in an over communicative society. There is so much communication that we are so busy with self validation that we have come to what I call “compassion fatigue”. We have become numb to violence. That’s why, to avoid that violence, we have created filters which we use all the time. When this Manipur video came, so many friends told me that we couldn’t see it beyond 10 seconds, that’s why social media also blurs it. Government has ordered us not to show it and that’s what I hate about these things. We must show it. It should be shown to every single child, everybody says we know how bad it is. Because of this hypocrisy of social media, we have started covering the truth with filters. People say many damaging things. When you show people what inhumanity is, only then they become more human.”
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