Bawaal Twitter review: Netizens feel the Varun Dhawan-Janhvi Kapoor starrer has its heart in the right place, hail performances of lead cast

Varun Dhawan and Jahnvi Kapoor’s ‘Bawaal’ has been in the news, ever since its first teaser came out. Skipping a theatrical run, the movie, directed by Nitesh Tiwari, opted for a direct to digital release and has finally graced our OTT screens. Let’s see what Twitterati has to say about the movie…

Most fans went gaga over the movie and said that it has touched their hearts.

One user wrote, “Another Masterpiece from #NiteshTiwari #Bawal is a pure joy in your heart that will stay with you after a long timeChemistry between #JanhviKapoor & #VarunDhawan is unmatchable. A pure mood lifter very Enjoyable LOVED IT.” On the other hand, another user was of the opinion, “A fantastic movie by Nitesh Tiwari & @Varun_dvn was in full swing with his acting skills, an underrated gem & Janhavi Kapoor was excellent.. Would have been a treat to watch on big screen specially for World war 2 scene through the eyes of Varun must watch.”

Many fans called the movie emotional. One fan wrote, “I was emotional from start to end… emotionally touches your heart… especially @Varun_dvn and #JahnviKapoor both of them acting directly hit your heart. Must watch outstanding Powerful screenplay.” On the other hand, another one said, “I am just finished to watch #Bawaal in my opinion its not a film it is a emotion its like simple love story but the presenting is unpredictable @Varun_dvn is damn good ajju bhai char is perfect for vd @niteshtiwari22 his vision i salute u sir And #JanhviKapoor performance is also big impact and i shocked what a acting in my opinion.”
Fans said that the movie has its heart in the right place. One fan was of the opinion, “The movie is very beautiful and cute, and the way of narrating the events of the world war and its connection with the relationship of Anisha and Ajay was very beautiful. The atmosphere of the movie and the songs of the movie, everything was very beautiful. For a moment..”

Another fan commented, “#BawaalReview : Bawaal shines with its beautiful presentation. @Varun_dvn and Janhvi Kapoor delivered decent performances, and their chemistry was a treat indeed. Good to watch with no exaggeration of acting and a plot well dealt with!! Should’ve released it in theaters anyway..”

Bawaal is currently streaming on a leading OTT channel…

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