Are King the Land co-stars Lee Junho and YoonA dating in real life? | K-pop Movie News

King the Land stars Lee Junho and YoonA were dating in the 16 episodes of the show and got married in episode 16, just this week. Even as the show ended, now there are real life stories about the two actually dating. Both stars are favourite K-pop singers. Lee Junho from 2 PM and YoonA from Girls Generation. They are known to have been friends before they began acting in the series and perhaps that’s the reason for their amazing chemistry.

Ahn Se Hawho acts as Lee Junho’s secretary and best friend in King the Land was speaking at an interview and said that the two are very close and because of their excellent vibes on the set with each other, this has led to the dating speculations.

However, this rumour has arisen only because the two know each other so well and are very comfortable acting together.
According to Ahn Se Ha, this is the reason why these rumours are floating. He also said, “Isn’t the rumour out because Junho and YoonA are always together?” The audience likes to see two good looking people who seem to gel well together and this has probably led to the speculation that they are dating.

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