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Anil Kapoor is undoubtedly one of the finest actors in the country and he has proved it over and over again. His last outing with The Night Manager got him a lot of applause and accolades. But when genuine appreciation comes from a close friend, the feeling one gets can’t be described in words.

Anil Kapoor and Anupam Kherhave been friends for decades and have seen each other’s ups and downs and have always been present for each other.Anupam Kher who is currently working on his 538th movie, finally got time to catch up on his best friend Anil Kapoor’s first OTT show The Night Manager. The actor took to Twitter to praise his friend’s work. He wrote, “Dearest @AnilKapoor ! Finally finished watching #TheNightManager. Excellent show. Everybody has done so so well in every department. But you my friend may go back in time as for as physical appearance is concerned. But as an actor you are maturing as the rarest of rarest wine with every performance of yours. Loved your beautifully nuanced and powerful performance. Time to act together now. And give the world the bestest cocktail of acting. Hopefully! Jai Ho #KapoorSaab. #ShellyRungta”

Anil Kapoor sent him an earnest reply and said it will be an honour to work together again. He wrote, “Even the rarest fine wine would be nothing without a connoisseur to appreciate it! It would be my honor and greatest joy to work with you @AnupamPKher!”
The duo have a history of doing films together from Ram Lakhan to Lamhe to Deewana Mastana to Laadla, Beta among others.

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